Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jazzy's 2nd Gotcha Day

Adam and I just celebrated Jazzy's 2nd Gotcha Day!  We are so incredibly lucky that she is a part of our lives and we wanted to make sure she felt extra special on her Gotcha Day!  

Her 2nd Gotcha Day was a little more low key than her 1st Gotcha Day, but I think Jazzy still enjoyed herself.  We spent the evening by playing all sorts of games and giving her some of her favorite treats.  I tried to get her to pose for a photo in front of the tree, but she was far too enamored of the treats that Adam was holding.    

But she still managed to look awfully cute.  

After we gave up trying to get a photo of Jazzy looking at the camera, we moved on to some games. Jazzy loves to spend time playing games with us, especially if we get down on the floor with her.  

We played get the treat out of the sock...

...and even practiced her newest trick: jumping.  Jazzy has been working on her jumps and let me tell you, she is a jumping fool!  The girl is meant to jump.  Check out this adorable slow-motion video Adam took of Jazzy:

Jazzy sure had a fun time, but was worn out by the end of the evening.    

We love you, Jazzy!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bring on the Christmas Decorations!

One of the things I continue to love about the holiday season is adding Christmas decorations to my home. Having Christmas decor around the house just makes things seem more cozy. 

The outside of our house and much of the inside looks like it did last year.  I did add a few new touches to our home this year.  I went with the traditional red and green colors.  

Our sofa table has a green theme going on.  I added a pretty green glass bowl, a stack of green books and a sprig of garland in a glass bottle.  What I love most about these items is that they came from my family members!  My mom got me the green glass bowl.  The books came from Adam and my grandma.  And my dad gave me the glass bottle.  It's very sweet to glance at my sofa table and be reminded of all the people I love.     

To contrast the green, I added some hints of red to the living room, as well.  

Jazzy is especially fond of her red Christmas blanket.  Look at her all snuggled up!    

There's also some tinges of red in my dining room.  The red candle on the table picks up the red ribbon on the Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments on the little tree perched on the shelf.  

And my half bathroom needed some holiday cheer, too.  A simple red tea light holder and a red hand towel is all it took to make the small space feel more festive.  

I hope your holiday decorating is bringing you as much cheer as mine has brought me!