Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Jazzy's Summer Fun

I have loved getting to spend more time with my sweet little Jazzy this summer.  Even though I have to take it easy and we can't be quite as active as we'd both like to be, we still manage to enjoy ourselves.  It turns out that Jazzy is pretty good at taking it easy.  

Jazzy and I are both still in bed when Adam leaves for work.  After he tells us goodbye, we get up and eat our breakfast.  Then I open up the front door so Jazzy can bask in the sunshine.  


She keeps moving until there is no sunshine left.  

Since laying in the sunshine is pretty tiring, then she's ready to take a little nap on the couch.  

She has a variety of spots she likes to sleep in.  She is so stinking adorable that I have to take pictures of her in each and every spot.  

I mean, how cute is she!?!  

After her nap on the couch, she's usually ready to go soak up some more sun.  She prefers the backyard sun in the afternoon.  And she likes to make sure she gets an even tan.  So she spends equal amounts of time sunning her back and her belly.   

She also likes to destroy my plants and flowers.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my zinnias weren't getting taller until I spotted this sight out of the window.  

Yep, that would be little Jazzy laying in the planter box as if it's her own private retreat, right on top of the zinnias.  Good thing she's so cute.  Instead of getting mad at her, I just went to get my camera.    

When Jazzy's had enough sun, she likes to hang out under the covered deck.  I think she's waiting for me to bring her a snack to eat at the patio table.    

Of course Jazzy still enjoys her walks.  We can't go as far or as fast as we used to, but Jazzy doesn't seem to mind too much.  She matches my slow waddling pace and knows when we have to turn around.  She's such a sweetheart and I love that she doesn't make me feel guilty for having to shorten our walks.  

I do try to help her get in some more exercise besides our short walk during the day.  Since getting down on the floor is a huge hassle these days, Jazzy is content to let me play with her toys using my toes.  Her daddy found this quite realistic toy rabbit at PetSmart and it has quickly become Jazzy's favorite toy.  I have to do a double take sometimes when I see it laying on the living room floor.  It's so realistic that I think Jazzy has managed to sneak an actual rabbit into our house!  It's a big relief when I realize it's not real, unlike this one Jazzy caught in the backyard.  

Please excuse my puffy, swollen feet in the video below: 

So there you have it, all the fun Jazzy has in a summer day!